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2016 Word of the Lord

2016 Word of the Lord

This is the transcribed word for 2016:

2016 will be a year of exposure. I will now begin exposing the secret things in the hearts of those who have refused repentance and my warnings, says the Lord. They think that no one knows their sin, but I know the deepest things of their hearts. I have gone to them myself and have sent others to them to warn them to repent. They have refused my warnings, says the Lord. They have refused my warnings because of their pride. My Word says that pride comes before the fall, so now watch for the fall.

I sent the shakings, the prophets, and my word to them because I love them. I sent the voices to warn them so that they would not fall, but they refused my call. They began as men and women after my own heart, but now have turned to other lovers. They have become Sauls and Eli’s, and have made altars to other gods. Even now says the Lord, my hammer is coming to destroy the altars of Baal across the land. Even now, my fire is coming to cleanse the pulpits of America as I remove the Sauls and Eli’s of this land. NOW, NOW NOW is the coming forth of the Samuels! The Samuel company will now rise and take their position as kings and queens of the earth. They will now take their position of the prophets of this land and restore the tabernacle of David.

Everything the enemy has done to silence their voices, to cause delay, slander, accusation, and robbery, I will now return to them the years that the enemy has stolen. What the enemy did to cause persecution and robbery, I am now setting up their promotion. This is the year of restoration says the Lord.

The enemy’s plots that he thought he was getting away with, will now be exposed says the Lord. I will turn what the enemy meant for evil into your restoration and promotion. I will make him repay double for he has touched my anointed. But “No more !” says the Lord! He cannot touch my anointed!

For generations he has tried to steal, kill and destroy. He has robbed inheritance after inheritance. But the Lord says that he will not rob your inheritance! I am putting a stop to this spirit of robbery. For this is the generation that will receive a double portion of their generational inheritances. The devil is going to wish that he never touched you or your family lineage.

I am looking to you, this generation, says the Lord. You are the Samuels and the Davids. You are the Nehemiahs, Esthers, Elijahs and Jeremiahs. You are the ones who will restore the proper order of the 5 fold ministry in the temple and across the earth. You are the ones to restore the tabernacle of David who will release the prophetic sound of heaven around the world. The sound of heaven will now come forth through this revival remnant! The sound of deliverance will shake the earth before the coming of the Lord!

The Lord says to his revival remnant, Rise up! Rise up! Rise up! Let no man, woman, demon, or system hold you back any longer. Rise up as in the spirit of Sampson and break off the chains of the enemy. Shake of the strongholds of devil and trail blaze with my holy, consuming fire this new year! It’s time for my fire to burn across this land once again!

This is where I continued to write under the prophetic unction and described 2 other major things we will begin to see in 2016:

The Lord has been releasing his hammer angels across the nation to tear down, uproot, destroy the systems of man and Baal and to rebuild them according to the blueprint of heaven. The reason why he needs his Samuels and Davids to rise up is because they are the ones who will build heaven’s blueprint on earth. This means ministries and churches are going to begin to be ran differently, look differently, and sound differently. God is going to clearly reveal who are the true Sauls/Eli’s and who are the true Samuels and Davids. God will not allow his Samuels and Davids to be oppressed and silenced by the enemy anymore. He is sending his fire into the vipers’ dens to expose the venomous snakes that are controlling and operating in ministries and ministers. He will expose the pythons, vipers, and cobras.

Do not be surprised to see local ministries and global ministries crumble as God begins to expose their secret sins when he shines his light on them. Do not be surprised of the witchcraft, control, lies, manipulation, and sexual perversions that God begins to expose in 2016. The Lord clearly spoke to me two weeks ago that there is sin in the camps. He is now going to reveal the sin of Achan in the various ministry camps across the land. Some of these will be well known ones. They will be well known prophetic ministries that are accurate in what they say, but their hidden fruit will be exposed. He will also continue to reveal the secret sins in our government as he has been this last year.

Ministries set up to other gods will begin to crumble in this hour.

Be guarded against the spirit of robbing and accusation. The enemy is trying to send a great delusion for people to believe his lies and be manipulated to believing false accusation against his Samuel company. I will make another video describing the Saul spirit and its characteristics, but I will say that a Saul spirit comes from a place of brokenness and insecurity which then turns into jealousy towards the Samuels and Davids. The fire of God and the prophetic cannot thrive in a toxic Saul environment.

The Saul leaders thought they got away with everything. They are well established as leaders and think they can continue in their cycle of control and manipulation. However, as soon as they think they will get away with their promotion, God is going to reveal who and what they really are and give the crown to the Samuels. The crowns and the keys have already been passed to the Samuel and Davidic company. They have been recieved them in the Spirit, but now you are going to see them manifest in the new year. You will now see them manifest in the natural. God is now crowning the Samuels and the Davids. There will now be radical demotions and promotions. The David’s will replace the Sauls and the Samuels will replace the Elis. Many in current positions of leadership, have forfeited their mantle because of their pride and lack of repentance. The Samuel company will receive a double portion of their generational inheritance because Samuel was conceived from a double portion offering to the Lord. 1 Samuel 1.

This is only part of what God is doing.

These are 2 more major things that God will begin to do in 2016:

          1. God is going to begin raising up ambassadors of reconciliation and healing in both the black community and white community. He will be raising up representatives in this generation that will work hand in hand together to lead as an example for many others to see. The enemy has tried to silence the value and the voice of the African American community for generations. As a collective whole in America, we have missed so much of God’s glory by the enemy oppressing the black community’s culture, but God is going to start turning this around. God is bringing healing, reconciliation, and raising up national voices within the black community and outside of the black community to come alongside and support them. God will raise up white ministry leaders to be a voice on behalf of the black community, and he will raise up black ministry leaders to be the national voice that the enemy has tried to silence. This is going to be a church movement that will spill over to the political realm, and not the other way around. National race reconciliation will begin with the house of God.

          2. God is also giving a voice to his prophetic daughters. He will be raising up his women in power for highly influential national and international positions of ministry leadership. Again, the enemy has tried to silence the voice of God’s daughters for generations, but God is coming now with the vengeance of the Father and is raising up his daughters to operate in prophetic and apostolic power. You need to know that the queens are coming! The royalty of God is coming forth in this hour. The inheritance of heaven is coming. The sons and daughters..the kings and queens of the earth are coming forth now.

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