Daniel Bodkin's mission is to turn the hearts of the sons and daughters of this generation to the Heavenly Father. 

The Spirit of Lawlessness

The spirit of lawlessness is the practice or belief against the laws of God. It waters down the truths of Scripture to condone sin. It is the increase of iniquity in the land and church as we see today. Lawlessness loves what is against God and can't stand to hear uncompromsied truth. It will make excuses for sin and not call sin "sin." It will support what is evil and hate what is Godly. It willcall evil good and good evil. Lawlessness does not like absolutes, right and wrong, holiness vs what is unholy. It will mix a partial truth to be deceptive but will still condone what is evil. Lawlessness does not take correction but it is the spirit of rebellion. Rebellion against Godly authority, God himself, and God's standards. It will mock those that stand for and practice holiness. Lawlessness is the spirit of the antichrist.

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