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The Spirit of Apathy

The spirit of apathy is an epidemic in our world today, specifically in the church. Before we go any further, let us define the word apathy just so everyone is on the same page. Webster’s dictionary defines apathy as, “The feeling of not having much emotion or interest.” In other words, apathetic people just do not care about anything. They want to coast through life and not have the guts to stand up for the truth. Part of this has come from how politics and the media has tried to condemn anything that is masculine or Godly. It is now socially acceptable for men to act like women and for women to act like men. Everything is backwards, and it seems like no one cares (God does). They do not care because it has been a fade from black and white to gray. What was white is now black and what was black is now white. Good is called evil and evil is called good. Over time, those with influence have pushed for anti-God agendas, even if some of them say they are Christians. Jesus called them wolves in sheep’s clothing, and their actions will prove who they truly are.

This is something I have been thinking of for a very long time, but I am now writing about it because of a small incident that happened at the gym I go to a couple of nights ago. I am sitting in my car praying in the Holy Ghost before going inside. A car pulls up in the parking garage (3 levels) on the top floor where there are no cars. Four guys get out of the car and one sits on the wall and puts a bandana on over his face as they record a video. At first, I was thinking this was gang related (probably was). They then cranked up music and started dancing around their car. I went inside the gym to sign in. As I signed in, I told the apathetic girl behind the counter of what was going on in the parking lot and suggested that they call security to check it out. Her response, “Well, I do not get in other people’s business really.” ………….welcome to the apathetic generation.

I looked at her and said, “The guy had a bandana over his face like he was in a gang recording a message. They are still out there hanging around.” I looked at her and responded in the sense of, “REALLY? Are you that lazy and do not care that people could be in danger?”

This spirit of apathy is not just in the world, but it is in the church. The majority of church attenders (to be blunt) have become spiritually neutered. They would rather bow to the altar of Baal or stay in bed with Jezebel than to bow their knee to the Father and burn in holiness. Her response is exactly what most church attenders say/practice today. “I do not get in other people’s business.” Now, there definitely is a time to mind your own business and there is a Biblical way of handling things, but people tend to use this phrase because they do not have the guts to speak up against sin. Why? They have a spirit of apathy and do not care that people are dying and going to hell. They do not care that another person’s sins could harm someone else. They do not care that people are living in sin because they are too. How can they confront something that they are bowing their knee to as well? They do not care about the condition of the church that the majority, yes, I say the majority, is equivalent to “dead bones on the inside" (Matthew 23:27).

Some of you will say, “that sounds judgmental.” In all honesty, it breaks my heart, but nevertheless it is the truth whether you want to face it or not. You say it sounds harsh because, most likely, you have been affected by this apathetic mindset in the church. When a preacher actually preaches truth, holiness, and against sin, the reaction to many people is that it sounds “judgmental” because we have swayed so far from the truth in the church and have been spiritually pansified. Yes, pansified and neutered so that you can be deceived to tolerate sin and abominations in the eyes of God. You may have been neutered by sitting under leadership that is actually in sin itself. If a person or preacher is full of holiness and baptized in the Holy Ghost, he/she will ALWAYS stand up against sin. Maybe it is time you find a leader with a backbone and is baptized in the fire of the Holy Ghost. Jesus came to “baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire" (Matthew 3). Some of the leaders you sit under may not even be saved, let alone even know what the fire of God is!

Many people think that there are many ways to Heaven. Wrong. There is only one way and that is through Jesus Christ, but only if you take up your cross, deny yourself and follow him wholeheartedly. There is only one way to Heaven, but there are millions of ways to hell. One of the most prevalent roads to hell is riding the road of apathy. Apathy is the spiritual condition of being lukewarm. Being lukewarm is equivalent to bowing to other gods, and our God is a jealous God.

What are some of the signs of spiritual apathy? People will mock holiness. They will say, “Oh, you holy roller, being holier than thou. Holiness is just legalism.” They do so because they are not willing to crucify their whole flesh. A partial crucifixion is no crucifixion at all. A partial crucifixion will still lead to eternity in hell because flesh cannot inherit the Kingdom. The Spirit of God will never mock holiness, but the spirit of lawlessness will.

They will mock revival/awakenings and true moves of the Spirit of God. They mock those that truly burn for God with things like, “Revival won’t last forever. It’s just emotionalism. It will come and go.” No, burning in the spirit of revival is suppose to be our normal. Do not mock the Spirit of God and his power because you choose to be lazy and not consecrate yourself for your own oil (parable of the 10 virgins, Matthew 25).

They will pull out the “don’t judge card.” If there is ever one passage of scripture used WRONGLY, it is “judge not lest you be judged.” They forget, however, the entire context of this passage and what Jesus proceeds to say. Jesus then goes on to say that “you will know a tree by it’s fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.” You will know a tree by its fruit. That is making a judgment in order to have discernment and wisdom. They are confusing judgment in discernment versus being judgmental in condemnation. Either way, a tree of apathy cannot bear good fruit, and it will be cut down.

Apathy is a form of lawlessness because it says, “Anything goes.” Apathy is like a drug and being high to make you numb to sin. My friends, I dare say that an overwhelming majority of those in the church are numb today. They have been influenced by the standards of the world instead of the standards of God. An overwhelming majority have been baptized in the spirit of apathy and compromise rather than the Spirit of the Living God. Regardless of what is being preached in many churches today, God and sin cannot coexist. The standard of God is still holiness. Sin is still sin. Right is still right and wrong is still wrong. God is a God of love, but he is always righteous judgment. Both heaven and hell still exist, and you are going to one of the two places for eternity.

You can put on a face in the public and stand against sin and agree with everything that I am writing, but God knows you in secret. He knows if you sell out when you are alone and no one is looking. Being apathetic does not only apply for the public setting, but it most definitely applies to private life setting as well. Will you bow to apathy in the public? Will you bow to apathy in the private? Either way, God knows your heart and sees who you truly are.

If you are living in apathy/complacency then I pray for the holy conviction of God to come upon you right now. May his fire of love burn in your heart this very second and bring you to the altar of repentance. Choose this day what God you will serve! Will it be the god of apathy or the God who is the All Consuming Fire?

With Love and Holy Ghost Fire,
Daniel Bodkin


© 2014 All Rights Reserved by Daniel Bodkin

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