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The Spirit of the Last Days: Seduction of Jezebel

After listening to a sermon of David Wilkerson about the Jezebel spirit, it makes more sense of WHY people are being swiftly led astray by demons of deception and doctrines of demons (1 Timothy 4). These spirits seduce people into believing things that appeal to their flesh instead of adhering to sound doctrine that kills the flesh! That's why people are seduced into deception of believing false grace (hyper grace-God doesn't judge/no hell/no holiness), following gold dust flakes and the next "hip glory" thing, live in sexual sins (adultery, lust, porn, fornication, beastiality, pedophilia, homosexuality, and whatever else is left), so forth of whatever is popular today. These false doctrines of demons are designed SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU to be seduced by it so that you follow other gods and idols and NEVER crucify your sin on the cross! It is much easier to believe doctrines of demons to excuse your sin than to believe sound doctrine of God to crucify your sin.


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