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The Process of Yesterday

As I reflect on my birthday, I cannot get past this message today (another one is coming as I am writing this one). I had a thought today as I was playing a song that I musically wrote a few years ago. I wonder how many of you are still playing the same old song as you were years ago (spiritually speaking). How many of you have not progressed in your spiritual walk with God? How many of you are still doing the same things concerning your calling/dreams that God gave you and getting the same dead results? You are stuck in the process of yesterday. In fact, some of you are stuck in the process of "yesteryears."

What were you born for? Many of you have been given a vision/dream/calling from God and it has not come to pass yet. For some of you, you have been working very hard towards this calling and still no fulfillment yet. Be comforted in knowing that you are still in the process that God has you in. When you are doing everything that you feel that God is telling you to do in that time period then he is still processing you and moving you forward. However, we can be doing what we feel God telling us to do and still miss a piece of the puzzle. This is why you need Godly counsel around you and prophetic leaders who can help you.

For others, you are on the right track but are not pushing hard enough. Sometimes there are doors that will only open through a deeper consecration to God. Some doors will open only through fasting and prayer. God cannot take you from this present glory and faith into the next level of glory and faith until you cut off old ways/mentalities and press into him more. In order to go from faith to faith and glory to glory, you have to keep dying to yourself and consecrate more than before. Obedience and holiness releases glory. God wants to give you that greater level where miracles, signs and wonders, and hotter fire will follow you like never before, but you cannot carry something that you are partially ready for. I believe many people are in this boat.

Some have been delayed by your own choices and by the enemy. You did not move when God said to move. You did not speak when God said to speak. You have prolonged writing that book, song, going to school, starting a church ministry, pattening an invention, etc. You have prolonged it by procrastination. You have prolonged it because of pride and selfishness. You have prolonged it because of compromise and sin. God will not bless sin. Some of the biggest prolongings have come from the sin of unbelief. Forgive us Lord! There are also prolongings from spiritual warfare. The enemy wants to abort your calling. Sometimes he sneaks in when we do not know it, and there are times where we simply war wrongly in spiritual warfare. I speak from personal experience and not out of condemnation. 

Then there are those who have simply quit in the process. You expected things to come sooner, easier, and in ways that were different than God's ways. You got discouraged and gave up to the heat of the wilderness. Sometimes you quit because you got tired of feeling beat up. Other times you quit because of an entitlement mentality. You thought things were going to be handed to you without hard work and submitting to the process of the wilderness. Some of you have worked hard but in the wrong places and wrong things. Folks, YOU CANNOT BYPASS THE PROCESS. Some of you are still in the same process as you were 10 years ago because you did not pass the test of the process. You have put your eyes on other gods, dreams, and mentalities and did not work towards what God told you to work towards. These are some of the most unhappy and miserable people that I know. In fact, after trying to counsel and give guidance to them and it being refused, I had to walk away because of their negativity and miserable attitude. It will become poison to you and others around that atmosphere if you are around it too long. Lead as the Lord directs, but tread very carefully so that they do not pull you down. Not only can their misery be poison, but they will ALWAYS be jealous of you when God blesses you and not them. They will undermine your calling, gifts, visions, and blessings of success because of their own jealousy and dormant wilderness lifestyle.

However, regardless of how off track you may be right now, God is a God of mercy and restoration. If you repent of your sins of idleness, unbelief, and any other compromises and ask God to set your feet on the right path again, then he will. I also believe he will restore the years that the locus at have eaten when you come to the altar of true repentence (Joel 2:25). You have to truly mean it and desire it. You HAVE to make changes in your life and be willing to work very hard. Remember, you reap what you sow. If you sow complacency, idleness, and unbelief, you will reap the fruit of it. Keep in mind that not every ground is the right or good ground to sow into. That is why some things do not yield fruit. You are sowing into bad ground! You are sowing into ground that God told you not to or did not lead you to. On a side note, not every ministry/minister is also good ground to give money to or to bring into your church because their heart is in the wrong place. Some just want fame and money and will tell and sell bogus things to you in order to make merchandise out of you. They may be preaching a false Gospel or a Gospel of mixed truths. A minister of truth, integrity, holiness, carries the cross and the message of repentance, and treads with Holy Ghost fire is good ground to sow into. 

Be careful when, what, how, and who you sow into. You reap what you sow. If you sow into the flesh you reap the flesh. If you sow into the Spirit you reap what is of the Spirit. Wake up, put on your combat boots, and war yourself out of the stagnant process of unfruitfulness!

In Holy Ghost Fire,


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