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The Hand of God

The other day leaving school, the Lord prompted me to stay around campus for a few extra minutes. I did not know why, but I did. I looked at the announcement board a few minutes looking for any new opportunities to serve. After doing that, I went to an area that they call the Prayer Garden. It has a life size statue of Jesus being nailed to the cross outside of the small building. The building is designed for silent prayer and meditation. While I was there I began to pray a lot about our purpose and calling moving here and for opportunities to come up. I even put a prayer request in the prayer box about preaching opportunities as an evangelist. After about 30 minutes of praying/meditating, I decided to walk home. As soon as I began to leave, the Holy Spirit said this to me, “Even if you cannot see it right now, My hand is moving and aligning things for its proper time of fulfillment. What may appear to be dry in the physical realm, know that My hand is on you and I am shifting everything in the spiritual realm.”

He brought to remembrance of how He took care of Israel during the Exodus and brought them into the Promised Land. He made manna fall from heaven, brought water out of a rock, and quail to eat. These were miracles to sustain His people in a time that looked dry in the physical realm. In their waiting season, God showed up.This is just a remembrance that God is always with you no matter where you are or the circumstances you face. He will take care of His people, but you cannot give up. You reap what you sow, and sometimes sowing takes a long time, but the more you cultivate the seed, the greater the blessing it will be in the end. When it looks like you’re sowing in the dust, keep going. When you have no idea when anything is going to change, keep sowing. When the work load is difficult, keep going. God takes you through processes to get things off of you that does not need to be there because those things cannot come to where God wants to take you. He is taking you up higher, and as you go up higher the things of this world have to fall off.

Processes purge, mature, and prepare you for your time of reaping. I know I just started seminary and am serving at my church, but it gets hard not being able to preach every now and then to spread the Gospel and win souls. It’s something I am working on, but I know that when God opens that door…it is going to fly off the hinges. It will happen when my processing for this season is ready for another season. It’s close. I feel it in my bones. The hardest part of pushing happens right before that door opens. I know that as I keep pursuing God in my studies, prayer life, and church, something is going to open, and all it is going to take is that ONE opportunity. I know this was not an in depth blog, but I just wanted to share my thoughts and hope that it blesses others. We can all relate to those pushing/waiting/preparing seasons. Rejoice because if you keep sowing, the Lord is going to open doors you never saw coming!

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