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Remember My Promises

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.
— Matthew 24:35

We have gone through a lot of struggles to get to where we are now, and a lot of things have been intensifying lately. I believe the attacks are becoming stronger because we are getting closer to our opportune time. In my prayer time today, God told me to “remember My promises.” We have come under a lot of attacks, and the Lord took me back to some of the things He has shown me and spoke over me through other people. I love how sometimes small reminders or small words can become huge revelations.

God took me back to a couple of years ago when I was at a Fresh Oil New Wine Conference at Abba’s House. After the service, there was a preacher from Sri Lanka staying around to pray for people. I have NEVER felt such a powerful anointing on another person in my life. It was insane. I saw him pray for a couple of people and they were miraculously healed. I somehow became the guy that caught the people when they would fall out in the Spirit.When the preacher was done praying for the people, he looked at me to shake my hand and asked me what my name was. This guy has never met me before in my life. He looked straight into my eyes holding my hand and said, “You are an evangelist. You are going to travel the world winning many, many souls to the Lord.” As soon as he started saying this, the anointing of God hit me so hard I began to cry and fall to the floor. He said a couple of other things, but I cannot remember them because I was too busy being pinned to the floor by the Holy Ghost. Little did he know, the Lord has shown me the same thing and called me in the ministry as an evangelist.

The Lord also took me back to remind me that He has called me. He kept telling me,

“I have called you. I have anointed you. My hand is on you. Seek Me and all other things will happen. I will open doors that no man can shut.” It was so good hearing Him say this to me again. I love it when God reminds you that you are not alone and that He has A PLAN FOR YOU!! The Lord is aligning something so awesome in our lives. The closer you get to your blessing, be prepared for attacks to heat up. People will try to cut you down, stupid things will happen, may get cheated out on something, BUT the LORD is the LORD, and His hand is on you. When the LORD speaks His promises, they will NEVER fade away and He WILL take you to where He has called you regardless of what you face. Stand firm, and chase Him with all that you have. You will make it, and He will open the doors for you.

Look back throughout the entire Bible of all the promises and callings He placed on people. Look at Abraham, Noah, Moses, David, Solomon, Jeremiah, etc. Look at what Jesus did with a handful of fishermen and how He shook the earth with them; how He changed the course of history forever. God was only able to do these things when the people pursued Him, believed Him, and gave up everything they had for the calling. Abraham left his homeland but inherited a nation. Noah built an ark while people mocked him, but his family was saved. Moses could not speak good, but he performed miracles and brought Israel out of slavery. David was a boy and killed Goliath. The point is this: What the Lord anoints, the devil CANNOT STOP IT if you do not give up and pursue Jesus with all you have! 


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