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Horton Hears a Who

Horton Hears a WhoA couple of nights ago the wife and I had a movie date, and we watched Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who. I saw it in the theaters when it came out and remembered it to be a good, funny movie. The movie had several good messages in it, but the one that stuck out to me was that others may not see what YOU are able to see (or in Horton’s case hear), so never give up on what the voice of God has revealed to you.

The movie starts with a little tiny speck floating through the air passing by Horton, who is an elephant. As the speck goes by him, he very faintly hears a little sound coming from the speck, so he tries to get the speck to safety. The speck lands on a small purple flower, and Horton is 100% certain that he heard the speck make a noise, but no one would believe him. After a couple of minutes pass, Horton discovers that the speck is actually Whoville and tiny little people called Whos live on the speck. He begins talking to the mayor of Whoville through a megaphone and ensures the mayor that the will get Whoville to a safe place on a mountain top far away from any danger. When others heard of Horton’s journey to the mountain, they ridiculed him and tried to stop his quest. The leader of the jungle where Horton was from was a kangaroo who was a complete jerk to him. She made fun of Horton saying that it is absolutely impossible for anyone to live on a speck and what he believes will bring danger to the jungle. Apparently thinking outside of the box is condemned in the jungle world as well as the church world!

The kangaroo began gossiping about Horton and turning the entire jungle against him. She even sent out a vulture to destroy the purple flower that the speck was on and to get rid of Horton. Can you begin to see the parallel to this story to when God shows you something born of the Holy Ghost that no one else can see, and they begin to chase you down to destroy that vision? Jesus gave the parable of the seeds that were scattered on the ground and how they were choked, never bore roots and taken away by the devil. The vision God gives you is a SEED of what is yet to come!! DO NOT LET THE DEVIL USE ANYTHING OR ANYONE TO STEAL THE SEED OF GOD’S VISION IN YOU! Just because something looks impossible or even crazy, it is not impossible with God! God gave YOU the vision to chase after His calling on your life. He did not give that vision to anyone else. Whatever God gives you, make sure to guard it with all your heart because the enemy is out to kill, steal, and destroy ANYTHING and EVERYTHING born of the Spirit.

At the end of the movie, the whole jungle pins Horton down and cages him. They were about to burn him in a big boiling pot because of what he believed. But in the end, the entire Whoville began to make such a loud noise that everyone in the jungle heard the little speck. Eventually what God shows you becomes so pregnant that it will explode so that others will see. All it takes is to be the head of the spear and keep pressing on regardless of the hell you face. Jesus said that the gates of hell will not prevail against His church; this is from the church having an offensive and defensive attack. Nothing can abort the seed of the vision of God in you but only your unbelief, idleness, and laziness. That vision won’t get entirely aborted because God will pass that responsibility to someone else who will be faithful and water the seed vision until it is mature in growth. Stand firm and keep pressing towards the goal that is laid before you by the King of Glory. The Lord gives you the seed to plant and grow, but God gets the glory!

Use what God has given you to increase His Kingdom. Be like the faithful tenant in the parable of the tenants who was given 10 talents and multiplied them. He was so faithful that he was given the rest of the talents of the lazy tenant who hid his talent and did not multiply anything. Through all the trials, adversity, and literal hell Horton experienced because of others, he made it to the top of the mountain to keep Whoville safe. He would NOT let anyone sway him from the truth of what he HEARD. Believe what God has shown you and do NOT doubt it. Hear, believe, and go for it because eventually others will see what God has done.


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