Daniel Bodkin's mission is to turn the hearts of the sons and daughters of this generation to the Heavenly Father. 

Holiness Releases Favor

Everyone is looking for favor and open doors right now (including myself). Do you want to know the real key to walking in favor? It's not giving money in order to get. It's not doing an amount of good works. It's not attending the latest "prophetic gathering" and falling out (although that's good). The favor of God is released when you consecrate yourself and live in holiness. Holiness releases the favor of God! Holiness is the key to power. Holiness brings you deeper into the glory of God. Your reward is his glory! When are we going to start being glory hungry and set our eyes on the eternal instead of being money hungry and setting our eyes on the things of this world just like those that don't even know Jesus? We live to receive God's glory. He is all that we need!

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