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From Power in the Streets, to Death in the Building

In studying early church history, it amazes me of how quickly the church went from moving in power from on high to moving into buildings and creating an institutionalized religion. This, my friends, was the Devil's plan all along. I look at where we are today in our formalities, structures, and dogma of traditionalism where we do things just for the sake of tradition, and I want to puke. The formality and structure of how the church moves in a FORM of godliness through dead rituals and routines is NOT what Jesus died for. He died to take away our sin and called us to seek and to save the lost through Pentecost power, not to go through vain motions and repetitions that has never made a demon in hell tremble. The only motion that will ever make a demon tremble is your motion to nail yourself to cross of Jesus DAILY. The only motion that makes hell tremble is the motion of heaven shaking as Holy Ghost power moves in the life of the believer, where Heaven invades earth! Only the Refiner's Fire makes all of hell tremble! Does hell tremble when you wake up, or does it laugh and say, "We have them where we want them: powerless and going through vain motions of NOTHINGNESS. Look at them with no prayer life, living like the world, no baptism of God's Spirit, doing nothing by coasting through life, and yet they claim they know how to keep people out of hell. We are suppose to be afraid of THAT?" Jesus, help us! Turn Your church upside down and let there be a Holy Ghost awakening! (This even convicted me..)


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