Daniel Bodkin's mission is to turn the hearts of the sons and daughters of this generation to the Heavenly Father. 

Fresh Fire

Many times you feel the work of the Spirit in you, and it is almost impossible to explain. The supernatural work exceeds the understanding of our mind, unless he also gives revelation of this work. Sometimes you don't need to know what the work is, you just need to know that God is working and that you are in his presence. Every work of God is to take you deeper in his presence. Every step you take, every open door, and every next level will always be his glory and Jesus revealed in even a greater way before. If you are waiting for a breakthrough in your life, you don't need everything to be worked out just right for the breakthrough. You know what you really need? You need a fresh baptism of Holy Ghost fire. You need a deeper revelation of who Jesus is. You need another taste of his glory! God and God alone is your breakthrough! He alone is your vehicle to an open door!


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