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Fire At a Distance

Fire At a Distance

This morning, I was awoken at 6:50 AM with three different words from the Lord, including an angelic encounter. I am permitted to release one of the words in this blog and the other two on a video concerning the end of 2015 and events of 2016. I believe I received this breakthrough from all of those who have been interceding for me the last couple of days. Thank you for your prayers. Heaven hears you, and I feel the prayers undergirding me. Please do not stop, especially considering what the Lord is having me step into. I need all of you.

As I was making breakfast and turned on the fire stove (and oven to heat up the kitchen), I stood there looking at the fire for several moments. Out of my spirit I began to cry out to God saying, “Lord, I want to be a blue flame in the Spirit. I want to be the most intense, hot flame that there can be. Father, I just want to be close to you. I don’t want any other lovers, no compromise, and no ‘small fire.’ Turn up your fire in me! I want it all! I want to be a blue flame in the Spirit!”

After I said this, the Lord told me to look again at the fire. There truly are different types of Christians concerning the fire of God. It is very rare, but there are those who are blue flames in the Spirit. These are those that are radical for Christ and only hunger for more of him day after day. They will not settle for anything less than the hottest flame. In fact, they feel as if they are going to die if they are not around the hottest fire. They cannot function, breathe, and live outside of this fire. They see compromise and complacency in anything less than blue fire and often wonder how others live without it. Their desire and cry to God is, “MORE OF YOU LORD! MORE FIRE! MORE GLORY! MORE, MORE, MORE!” They also carry the fruit that bears that desire. It is not just talk, but they truly walk the walk. Most people do not know what to do with these blue flames of fire and are often (almost always) misplaced and rejected by the church.

Then there are those who are the orange, normal fire. They truly love the Lord and may operate in the supernatural. However, this is a place where they have not grown into the blue fire or they have settled being at a level that is not their full spiritual DNA. It is not a bad place, but it is not the fullness of what God desires for you. I believe that most of the American church has not even become a normal fire.

You notice the trend that the further away from the source (in this case it is the gas pipeline) the flame fizzles out. If you are truly connected to the source of the heart of the Father, then the closer you are to him, the more intense his fire is in you. This is why the blue fire is the hottest. Blue also represents the revelation and presence of God. The closer you are to him, the more revelation and authority you receive and operate in.

After the orange fire, sometimes you will see little sparks shoot out. These are people who catch the fire quickly but are not grounded in the Word and in the secret place. Often times people fizzle out because they operate out of rebellion and pride instead of submission to the Father (and Godly counsel) and humility. Anyone can catch fire quickly and burn up, but it takes a true soldier to remain on fire throughout the years. It is also interesting that the pilot light on gas fireplaces is blue. The blue flames are those who are steady and ignite fire. They do not waver in hardships or bow to other gods/idols over time. They remain consistent through time and only grow in their temperature through their unfailing intimacy with the Father.

Now we are brought to the final stage of the fire. While it could be argued that the quick sparks represent many in the American church, I believe the vast majority of those in the pews (and pulpits) are like ones who stand by the fire at a distance. They may only feel a little bit of the heat from the fire, but they have no intimacy with God, they have grown cold in their spiritual walk, and are essentially ruled and reigned by the spirit of religion. These kinds of people may actually support others who are on fire, but they will never be a flame themselves. They may say they support fire and want fire in their church, but their actions and fruit proves otherwise. On the other hand, they may be so cold that they cannot stand the true fire of God and do not support it at all, even in their words.

The ones standing at a distance will always try to manipulate others to fit their own agenda and spiritually prostitute those that carry the real fire. They will be the leaders who say they want fire, but they cannot handle the real fire because they do not carry it. They will then put a false advertisement out saying that they want fire, but what they really want is to use the giftedness of others for their own gain. This is like the spirit of Saul (which I will talk more about in the video) that operates out of control, jealousy, and manipulation.

Essentially, these religious people are like Peter in John 18. They are standing around a fire that is at a distance from Jesus. It is a false fire that is not of God because the fire did not originate from Him. It is a self-made fire that keeps them comfortable away from the presence of Jesus! They are only around Him, but they are not of him. Just because something looks like a fire and comes in the name of Jesus, it does not mean it is true fire. You never have to advertise the true fire of God. You just operate in it, and it will attract the true seekers of the living God, both by its light and heat.

Those that are only following at a distance, you are just like those that Jesus confronted in John 6. Once he spoke of the true price it requires to follow him (drink his blood and eat his flesh), then many of his disciples “departed from him” (John 6:66- It's interesting that people fall away from Christ at a chapter and verse that reads '666') because it was “too hard of a teaching” (John 6:60).

You can only mimic the fire of God for so long before you are exposed for the religious hypocrite that you are. If you truly are marked by his fire and carry it, then you will NEVER compromise even a spark of his fire for anything else. You will never tone down the fire of God to please people for a church service where the atmosphere reeks of the rotting flesh of man that it was built on. Toning down the fire is a mockery of the cross and the holy blood that was shed on it. To tone down and quench the fire is to be a sellout to other gods, and that is exactly why the church of America is in the moral decay that it lives in today. There is no fire! There are too many who are satisfied with dead religion and would rather snuff out the fire of God than to die to their flesh and the opinions of people to operate in the fire.

The fire comes with a sacrifice. That sacrifice is you laying on the altar of YHWH and being consumed with his unquenchable flames day after day and night after night. It is a continual sacrifice so that you can be a ministering flame of fire 24/7!

False fire and kingdoms of man masked as God are being exposed and crushed in this hour. Wait and see what the Lord is about to do. The Lord has had enough of this mockery. The Samuel and Davidic company are rising up out this apostasy to turn a generation to him!

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