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Denominational Idols Must Come Down

In some ways, I believe that the biggest idols and demonic strongholds in the church are a little thing we call "denominations." Why? People follow denominations more than they follow Jesus. You cannot be born into Christianity because your parents/family are Christians or you are baptized as a baby into a church. You are only born into Christianity when you repent of your sins, accept Jesus as your Savior, crucify yourself on the cross, and are born from above, that is born of the Spirit (John 3). They say, "I am a Calvinists" or "this theologian/that theologian." Since when are we suppose to adhere to theologians or church denominations/traditions rather than the blood of the Lamb? Granted, we NEED statements of faith and beliefs. That's not what I am saying by any means. What I am saying, however, is to not follow or adhere to anything/anyone but that of Jesus Christ. God has given us his word and guidelines to follow in it. I firmly believe in Godly leadership and authority and the full council of elders. There are denominations that have more correct doctrine than others and there are some that are flat out apostasy churches. But nowhere in Scripture are we to bow to a particular denomination, leadership, or theologian and worship that as some do. God, purge idolatry in the church.


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