Daniel Bodkin's mission is to turn the hearts of the sons and daughters of this generation to the Heavenly Father. 

Beware of False Fathers

Beware of False Fathers

The greatest move of God in these last days will come as the Lord raises up spiritual fathers and mothers to pour into this generation and raise them up to run faster than themselves. We see this prophecy in 

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. 6 And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.
— Malachi 4: 5-6 (NKJV)

By Jesus’ own words in Matthew 11:14, John the Baptist is “Elijah who is to come.” This prophecy in Malachi is two-fold as it is prophesying about John the Baptist preparing the way of the Lord and how the spirit of Elijah will go forth in the last generation to prepare the way of the coming of the Lord.

The ministry of John the Baptist is the prophetic picture of what God is raising up now. He will raise up his prophets who confront the spirit of religion and compromise by preaching and living the message of repentance and holiness. It is impossible for a person to be a prophet and these two things not be the streams that undergird their preaching and lifestyle. This uncompromised preaching and lifestyle will draw in those that are looking for authenticity in leaders. Authenticity will be the key to turning the hearts of the sons and daughters of this generation to the heavenly Father.

As we move into this new year of the rising up of the Samuel Company and God causing a leadership shift by replacing the Sauls with the Samuels, we have to be on the watchtower against the plots of the enemy.

One of the many things that the Lord showed me is that the enemy is trying to raise up “false fathers” across the land. Remember, what God is doing/about to do, the enemy tries to pervert, mimic and stop it. If God is then raising up Elijahs in these last days, the enemy will try to raise up false Elijahs. Jesus warned of false prophets and false messiahs in Matthew 24:24.

What do I mean by false fathers/false Elijahs? False prophets/teachers will always lead people away from Christ by the doctrines of demons, the leaven of the Pharisees, and spiritual compromise. Instead of confronting Jezebels and her false prophets, false Elijahs will be seduced by her and partner with ther prophets.

A false father will say that they are here to help raise up a generation to propel them into their destiny, but they are in fact only using a generation to profit off of their gifts. Essentially, these types of leaders are trying to prostitute the giftings of others in order to build their own kingdom. To put it bluntly, leaders like this are spiritual pimps. Many times it is easy for these spiritual pimps to use younger leaders because this generation is starving for the attention of mothers and fathers. These spiritual pimps and vipers know this and utilize a genuine hunger for acceptance against these young leaders.

God is raising up apostolic ministries, houses of prayer, revival hubs, and apostolic churches across the land. However, the enemy is coming in the name of apostolic/prophetic leadership to appear to be doing the work of God’s kingdom, but these leaders have come as hidden vipers to use the success of others that they “mentor” for their own gain. Remember, successfulness is not measured by the numbers of people you have in your ministry or that you have connected with popular leaders. Success is measured by you doing the will of the Father and is measured by the level of concentration of God’s glory on your life/ministry.

The hidden fruit of these vipers and false fathers is control, manipulation, lies, and accusation. It is often linked with a Saul spirit. They are hard to detect because of the false spiritual front that they put on to others in the public eye. They will hype up their ministry as to appear that God is doing great things in order to cover up their hidden fruit and the crumbling of their kingdom behind the scenes.

As we step into 2016, beware of the hidden vipers. Beware of the false fathers and mothers. Judge the fruit! Is the weight of God’s glory on them/around them and their ministry or do they just flatter you with words and appear to do God’s work? Is the glory of God around only when other prophetic ministers are leading, but God is not there when the false fathers facilitate a meeting? A viper can sit in a meeting that he/she puts on to make it appear that it is he/she that is facilitating God’s glory and fire in their ministry. They can appear to love revival meetings and these type of gatherings, but if you took away the other prophetic leaders, what is left if the false fathers are the ones leading? Where is the fire then?

Vipers will not allow the true prophetic and fire of God to thrive inside of their ministry. They will, however, use others strong in the prophetic that only come to partner with them in order to gain numbers, influence, and money by the true giftedness of others. The prophetic and fire of God can thrive by partnering only, but it will never thrive if you come under their ministry.

Beware of false fathers and the vipers this new year.


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