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August: The Month of Refining Fire

Εἰρήνην διώκετε μετὰ πάντων, καὶ τὸν ἁγιασμόν, οὗ χωρὶς οὐδεὶς ὄψεται τὸν κύριον,
(literal translation)
Make peace with all [people], and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord.
— Hebrews 12:14

What would happen to the church if preachers preached and lived the holiness of God? When is the last message you even heard on holiness, sanctification, or repentance? Outside of my ministry team and a VERY few select ministers that I listen to, I cannot tell you when myself. If we truly took this verse to heart, we would strive so diligently to stay away from things that even appeared to support evil. The opposite is occurring in the church. Some want to see how close to the line they can get to sin without crossing over the line into sin. They want to see how much they can get away with and still go to heaven. The truth, however, is that if you are even moving towards that line with that kind of heart, then you are already in sin. If you are truly seeking the heart of God, immersing yourself in the word, working out your salvation in "fear and trembling," burning in the prayer closet, and truly striving for holiness then your motive would be to stay as far away from the line as possible, not to see how close you can get to it. If you mock the holiness of God and are walking towards that line then you need to repent and turn (or return) to Jesus.

We are in a time that God is cutting away and burning away everything that is not of him in his people. August will be an intense month of refining fire. It is a very strategic month consisting of aligning, refining, and fulfilling. Do not miss what the Lord is doing in this month because he is strategically aligning everything for a shift this fall. The summer months have been difficult, and August looks scorching, but God. August is a complete refining process. He is refining hearts, the private life, and churches around the world. You will either submit to holiness and this refining process, or turn to lawlessness. Do not miss this critical process that will bring fulfillment of promises!

Many have been warned over and over of their sin but have refused to listen. Just as in Romans 1 where God "gave them over to a debase mind" in order to continue their sinful practice, this is happening on a grand scale right now. Some will be handed over and completely sifted by Satan after they refuse to listen to the conviction of the Spirit. Folks, God is serious about holiness. He is warning people to come out of sin and to prepare for his coming. Many will mock this, some will refuse to repent, but others will take heed and repent. The greatest sin is the refusal to repent. It is becoming calloused to the Holy Spirit and blaspheming him, his words of instruction, and conviction. Separation between the apostate church/christians and the ones who live like they are Christians is here. It is here with consuming, refining fire. Be consumed in the fire of holiness now that brings eternal life in order to escape the fire of judgment and wrath that brings destruction. Weeding out and separation has come. Will you stand the testing of the Refiner's fire? You will if you live in holiness. The Lord is calling his people to deeper consecration. Can't you hear him saying this? Are you willing to consecrate even more? Some of you will not, but some of you are desperately seeking to be holy as He is holy. Come, consuming fire! Baptize us in the Refiner's fire! Consecrate us even more than ever before, and cause us to burn in complete holiness to You, Jesus!

In Love and Holy Ghost Fire,


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