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American Christianity: The Natural Man

I firmly believe without a single doubt in sadness, grief, and with a broken heart that 1 Corinthians 2:14 is the true anthem of the American church (and others). The American church today, as it has been for many decades, is the “Natural Man” that Paul describes in this verse. It states, “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned” (NKJV). Friends, how many of your churches do not receive the things of the Spirit of God? How many pastors (and you, church attenders) have no prayer life? How many leaders are you sitting under every week that do not know the voice of God? How many are dry, dead bones going through the same meaningless routines? How many churches are out there that think they are doing the will of God but are actually advancing the works of dead religion that is sending people to hell? How many churches are truly operating in the flesh and not the power of the Spirit of God? How many?! It is with deep grief that I dare say that most churches in America facilitate man made programs rather than the glory of God. If you do not believe so, then you tell me the last time the glory of God saturated your church in such a way that all you could do was fall on your face and tremble at his majesty. You tell me the last time you even saw people come to repentance (let alone a preacher even preaching repentance), operated in spiritual gifts, and strongholds were broken off of people! Oh God, we are desperate for your glory! We are desperate for your glory to be our normal! Come, glory of God! Come, Holy Ghost fire! Come! Come, Spirit of burning and refining fire!

Have you ever had a conversation with a person in the church (especially in seminary as I do), and they stare at you blankly when you talk about things of the Spirit such as burning for God in your prayer closet, hearing his voice, anything about true revival fire and Holy Ghost awakening, miracles, healings, spiritual gifts, casting out demons, revelation from God, etc? I have people mocking me all of the time about spiritual things that I stand for. Your response wants to be, “Hello? Anyone there? You mean, this is not your normal in your walk with God? How could that even be? Do you not talk to God? Feel him? Move in him? You don’t know what the fire of God is? Do you even know him? Are you even saved?” I know that sounds harsh, but I am saying it out of a place of a broken heart for the church, not out of smite. But in a sad truth, there are many false converts sitting in the church pews because they have been taught that salvation equals church attendance, being a part of “this” denomination, growing up in a Christian home, being baptized as a baby or into a church as an adult, or you said “the sinner’s prayer” but never came to the altar of true repentance. There is no salvation outside of genuine repentance. John the Baptist said that you must bear fruit worthy repentance, meaning your lifestyle would prove your salvation (Matthew 3:8).

Many people do not comprehend the things of the Spirit because this has never been their normal and because of what has been ingrained into them from denominational teachings. Most of the time, people have to be deprogrammed from so much religion and spiritual bondage to even have a true encounter with Almighty God. In fact, many denominations do not believe in the gifts of the Spirit, the baptism of the Spirit, or any work of the Spirit past salvation. Some do not believe in these at all, while others do to a degree. Many denominations treat the Holy Spirit like the “redheaded stepchild” of the Trinity (Oh Lord, that grieves me deeply). He is there, per say, but they do not worship him, know him, or talk to him. In some cases, people mock the Holy Ghost and his works. Some may “say” they believe in the Holy Ghost, but their doctrines, actions, and tones in their responses prove otherwise. They teach about the Spirit in small terms, such as the Spirit is working out somewhere in creation or even in the life of the believer, but they do not emphasize that he is God and our source of power today. Some even believe in everything that I am writing now, and your denomination may even believe in the baptism of the Spirit with tongues and move in spiritual gifts (as do I), but it is not your normal because you are not willing to press into the secret place to get your own oil from the Holy Ghost.


Although I will not get into this on this post, I will say that not everything that says “this is spiritual” or “this is from God,” is always from God. There are cooky people out there that move in their flesh and try to be “spiritual” but are not moving in the Holy Ghost. In fact, some of them may be moving in a New Age form of Christianity and not even know it. There are false teachers that claim to be Christians but are truly leading people in demonic, New Age practices. Others in the church may actually be sincere in their spirituality but still may be wrong on certain things and need to mature/learn sound doctrine of the Holy Ghost. We need true discernment of the Spirit in the church again.


The heart of this message is this: God wants to encounter you. He wants to take you from faith to faith and glory to glory, but you will not step into this is if you are not willing to crucify the “natural man/woman” and to become a “spiritual man/woman.” He wants you to burn in true revival fire and be a vessel that carries this fire everywhere you walk. Many of you have to crucify much of the denominational dribble that has placed you in a stronghold and has quenched the Spirit of God. Ask God to show you how to do this. Ask the Holy Ghost to reveal himself to you. When you seek him you will find him and when you find him you will seek him. It is a never ending cycle. When you have a taste of his glory, you become hungrier and hungrier for him. Hunger is the vehicle to the deeper things of God. Get hungry for the Spirit. Get hungry for the glory. Get hungry just to be with Jesus!

With Love and Holy Ghost Fire,

Daniel Bodkin


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