A New Old Thing

We often hear people in the Body of Christ say two things concerning what the Lord is doing right now, which are, “God is doing a new thing,” and “God is doing an old thing.” Which one is it? Is God doing an old thing, or is he doing an old thing?

Holy Troublers of America

As we celebrate the birthday of our nation, let us also celebrate the birthing of God's fire remnant nation that he is raising up to shake America again in the holy, awesome terror of the Lord. 

Stop Dreaming

The changing of the seasons is exactly why we MUST have prophetic revelation (vision) from the Lord. For many of us, it is time to change course.

A Perfect Storm

In the midst of the chaos around the world and the shaking of every earthly system, God is raising a standard against the enemy. This is the perfect storm of the Lord.

Planting, Plowing, and Building

As many of you watched my FB Live video last night, you know that my announcement was that the Lord is having me to start a ministry that targets Millennials. My generation has no one going after them and nowhere to go, and this has to change.

A Quick Work

This is a word specifically for the reformation remnant that is coming out of their place of hiddenness. You are the forerunners of this generation and have endured a process that others have not walked through. You are a firebrand that is not of this world that has been called into a wilderness exile for a time.

The Cycle of Hiddenness Coming to Completion

I kept hearing Holy Spirit say, “As in the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man” (Matthew 24:37). I began to see that these chapters (Genesis 6-7) held a prophetic parallel of what the Lord has been doing with his remnant of burning reformers. Our process has mirrored the process of Noah.

Revival Utopia

There is a painting of a false utopia concerning this revival/awakening that many have been talking about for years. Somewhere along the lines it has been taught that through this revival, there will be no hardships, no persecution, and a great unity that will sweep the nation and the church.

Music Revolution

We are in a time of mass mixture of good and bad, generally speaking. However, I want to address the mixture of good and bad art in today's music industry. I believe others in different artistic venues, such as movies, acting, or producing, can relate to this mixture concept as well.